Educational projects through European Funds, in which we participated as beneficiaries or partners

The media industry has grown in recent years due to technological expansion, and in response we have prepared and developed educational projects to serve a large part of the industry.


Training for Journalists, TV Shows, Monitoring, National Information and Advocacy for affirming equal opportunities and gender.


Consolidation of the principle of equal opportunities and gender at the level of civil society for a better promotion of women on the labor market, awareness of equal rights, overcoming cultural stereotypes and presenting a correct and non-discriminatory image of women in society, with relevant results in the field.


Internships for future Media professionals


Improving the professional skills of a number of 182 future graduates from non-university secondary and tertiary education (technological high schools, vocational and/or post-secondary schools) residing in the South-Muntenia, Center, South-East, South-West Oltenia regions, in order to increase their employment rate on the labor market in a 24-month period.